What's the cost of a quinceanera dj 2021

Just How Much is a DJ for a Quinceanera for 2021?

“How much does a DJ for a Quinceanera cost? How much do Quinceanera DJs cost per hour? How much does a DJ cost for 6 hours "and finally" Quinceanera DJs near me "are the most frequently searched questions and terms about Quinceanera and event DJs in Houston and Texas.

Hundreds of young people and their parents or siblings call us, email us, Facebook us, chat with us on our website, and ask them exactly these questions. Today we are going to help answer these questions for everyone. 🙂

The first question, how much does a DJ cost to do a Quinceanera, is actually the single most important question we are asked when it comes to Quinceaneras! However, the answer is not an easy one. The cost of a DJ can vary depending on a few things. Here are the top 5 things that will affect a Quinceanera, wedding, or event DJ price.

1. No Set Quinceanera DJ Prices

First, there are no set DJ prices that a Quince DJ charges for their time or services. Some DJs and DJ companies charge by the hour (we do) and others charge by the event. Usually, the DJs that charge by the event, cost more since they’ll basically take the hourly rate they want to get paid, and multiply it times the average number of hours they’ll work. For most weddings or events (most weddings & events are 5-6 hours).

Prices can vary from as little as $200 for the entire event (usually brand new DJs), up to $6500. Most clients are willing to spend about 8-10% of their total Quinceanera budget, for the DJ and/or entertainment. So do the math and see if the DJ for a Quinceanera, band, or other entertainment you’re hiring is about this much. You’re certainly not limited to the 10% rule, but it’s what we see most often.

So honestly, you can easily answer the “how much is a DJ for a quinceanera” question, simply by doing the math!

2. Costs Vary by Region

Another factor that can affect prices in the region or market you are in. A quince in a small, rural town is much cheaper than a quince in Manhattan. Companies know the cost of weddings and events in their market and set their prices accordingly. In larger markets, like ours in Houston, Texas, price is heavily competitive.

The average price for a quince DJ in the Houston area is about $1200 – $1500 (for just a DJ). There are certainly DJs for as cheap as $200, and DJs that cost as much as $6500! The price varies, depending on what is included with the DJ packages.

3. New DJs Versus Experienced, Professional DJs

This is where you will truly see a difference in pricing. A new DJ, who is just starting, operates under the “I just want to get my name out there” business model. If budget is your number one concern, you’ll want to book a newer DJ, to save big! The only issue with doing this is that the DJ has much less experience, and therefore, your experience may be different.

Most new DJs won’t have all the equipment they’ll need for their events since they’re just starting. Sure, they can always rent some equipment, but renting equipment isn’t always a guaranteed good experience. We’ve actually rented equipment that did not work well, unfortunately. This is one drawback.

Another drawback is a lack of experience. Experience and failure are truly the best teachers. Experience truly matters when unexpected situations arise. You don’t want that DJ to learn what to do next time, at YOUR event.

You always have to expect the unexpected and be prepared for it. Things that have happened to us are: the timeline is completely off track, people are not arriving on time, a song isn’t playing, the band or mariachis didn’t show up, etc.

Other things that have happened are: the bride’s dress is accidentally torn, a bride/groom is stung by a bee, unexpected torrential rain happens, power outages, a member of the court got into an accident, a medical emergency happens, a tornado warning is sent to everyone on their phones, etc.

When all these things happened, we were prepared and able to change things, as needed, and go with the flow. Most guests never knew a thing in most cases! You won’t get this with newer DJs. ​Quinceaneras and weddings are a once-in-a-lifetime event, so paying for peace of mind and being stress-free on your big day, is truly priceless!

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Customer Reviews

Some of our best and most recent reviews.

Iris Bonet

I just had my daughter’s Sweet 16 and Francisco was the DJ. He was terrific! Professional, knowledgeable, and attentive, he kept both teens and adults dancing all night. He emceed the small ceremony we had to honor my daughter before the party started and did an excellent job. I would/will 100% use his business and his services again.

Marcie S.

My daughter just had her quince @ alegria gardens and our DJ was amazing! He had the speech right and in order of how we wanted things done. He took all request without hesitation. Everything was perfect! Will be referring all family and friend for sure!

Nancy Umanzor

We had a great night at my daughter's Quinceanera. She had an awsome time, music was on point. What can I say about the presentation it was perfect. Recommend sparklers, the cloud effect and lighting was beautiful! Francisco took care of every single (crazy) idea I had. It was as I image couldn't of ask for another DJ. Thank you so much!